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Birds are everywhere. Unlike other wildlife, they are relatively easy to find. Even among towering skyscrapers and asphalt roads, birds still persist. Some species even manage to thrive despite their natural habitats being rapidly destroyed. But other species aren't so well-suited to the harsh conditions that the expansion of human civilization entails. Through my photography, I hope to share the beauty of nature and inspire others to help conserve it for generations to come.

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Long-Billed Curlew

I spotted this long-billed curlew on one of my first trips to Ventura. The setting sun cast a yellow glow on the beach, creating perfect conditions for a beautiful photo.

Ventura County, CA 

Western Osprey

On both of my recent trips to Ventura, I have seen an osprey eating a fish on a telephone pole. Both incidents were around lunch-time. This photo was taken on my second sighting of it, while it was flying to its usual pole to settle down for a nice meal. 


Ventura County, CA 

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California Quail

My family was on a trip in the Mojave Desert when I heard some strange noises. I followed the sound until I come across this group of quail. 

Mojave Desert, CA

Anna's Hummingbird

This hummingbird seemed to be unable to make up his mind on whether or not he wanted to fly. He tested out one wing, then the other, then flared his tail- before finally deciding to fly away. 

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Los Angeles, CA


Lesser Goldfinch

I had been following this goldfinch for a while, waiting for her to do something interesting or land somewhere nice. Finally, she perched atop a flower stalk. The pale yellow bird, orange flowers, and green background made for a very charming photo.

San Marino, CA

Red-whiskered Bulbul

The way the sunlight fell created a dramatic background for this bulbul. The edges of the leaves are illuminated by the light, but the rest is mostly dark. From the dark shadows, the bulbul looks out toward the light- out toward a brighter future. 


San Marino, CA

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White-Tailed Kite

I found this kite in an almost empty field. The land was dry and barren, yet one bare tree still stood tall in the midst of the dust. The kite was perched at the very top of this tree, the one sign of life in the empty field.

Bird Gallery

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