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There's a thrill in seeing wildlife in their natural environment. 


American Black Bears

I encountered these two black bears while on a camping trip in Sequoia National Park. The mother bear stopped to shake out her fur, and her cub stood up on its hind legs, seemingly intrigued by its mother's behavior. 

Sequoia National Park, CA

Summer 2021

Bighorn Sheep

I had seen bighorn sheep multiple times in the past, but all of them were either female or young males, neither of which have the bighorn sheep's eponymous big horns. This bighorn sheep was the first adult male I had ever encountered. 


Valley of Fire State Park, Nevada

Spring 2021


Smooth-Coated Otters

While visiting relatives in Singapore during winter break, my uncle decided to take my family to Bishan Park. We were about to leave when we spotted these elusive creatures.

Bishan, Singapore

Winter 2019

American Black Bear

My family was on the way down from Signal Mountain when a hiker informed us that a family of black bears were browsing on berries by the side of the road. Indeed, the bears were there: two young cubs with their mother. The cubs were full of energy, standing on their hind legs and jumping over logs.


Grand Teton National Park, CA

Summer 2018



Rocky Mountain National Park, CO

Summer 2017

We spotted this moose grazing in a marsh. By a stroke of luck, there was a very convenient boardwalk over the marsh that allowed us to watch the moose without getting our feet wet.

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